Larry Susskind, Co-Director, Public Disputes Program, Inter-University Program on Negotiation at Harvard Law

Your video was a huge success. There were be people calling work out the best way of facilitating the orders.

(This video) will help mediation teachers all around the world use the material effectively. I have no doubt that I will be calling on you again in the near future. Working with you was a joy (which I can't say has been true about some of your brethren in the field).

Mary Richardson, Chronicle Co-Host, Channel 5, WCVB-TV, Boston

Tom... you did an excellent job (on the MS PSAs)...You worked against tough obstacles: high winds, muddy slopes, cold temps., and traffic noise. We found it hard to believe the PSAs turned out as beautifully as they did!  Many thanks for your fine work and superb production values.

Anthony Everett, Chronicle Co-Host, Channel 5, WCVB-TV, Boston

Tom, you're an absolute professional. The quality of your work as a photographer & editor is some of the best in the business.

Amber R. Stalker, Director, Community Programs, MS Society, NE, Waltham

We can count on the staff at Reelife Documentary Productions to provide a quality product in a timely fashion, within our budget for a non-profit and along with excellent customer service. While on the job, I know I can trust Tom Adams to work with the staff at various conference venues as well as provide guidance to our speakers during taping  independent of any instructions from me.  This type of quality customer service is rare and by removing these tasks from my To Do List makes my job as event coordinator that much easier.

Christopher C. Skelly, Director Local Govt. Programs MA Historical Comm., Boston & Western MA Offices

Tom Adams was a pleasure to work with on our training DVD.  He understood deadlines, understood how to stay within our restrained budget and understood how to put together a terrific product.  He did it all in a friendly, easy going manner.  Our training DVD has received many positive comments and congratulations across the state.  We have chosen to work with Tom on our next project as well. 

John R. Mullin, Ph.D., FAICP, Dean of the Graduate School, University of Massachusetts

The quality of his work has been so outstanding that I have used his services on several occasions.  I can also attest that he completes his work on time, on budget and with great results.

Timothy C. Neumann, Exec. Dir., Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association, Deerfield, MA

Reelife Productions have been extremely professional and reliable.  They have always come in on budget with a very high quality product.  On all of our projects, they have come in not only on time but before deadline.  We have been totally satisfied with the company.  Tom is very flexible and responsive to our needs and objectives.  Reelife Productions is a very client-friendly operation.  I highly recommend them.

Mitch Anthony, Principal, Titanium

I have worked with Tom Adams for a number of years.  His work is meticulous, he is highly creative and he is a pleasure to work with.  Perhaps most important, he has never missed a deadline, nor exceeded a budget.

Kathy Becker & Chef Myron (President-Myron's Fine Foods Inc. Millers Falls, MA

Kathy: "Tom, we will stay in touch with you...You are the best resource. I just am a huge fan and think you are immensely talented, very personable, and the soul of integrity. Anytime you need a reference from a satisfied customer, make sure you put Myron's Fine Foods, Inc. down. Myron would be pleased to speak about the quality of your work." Chef Myron: "We told Tom what we wanted. He shot it, got it, nailed it exactly right on the first edit AND did it for a reasonable fee".

Steve Breyer, Tripple Brook Farm, Tree Digging System Instructional Video

(Reelife’s) video conveys what the TBF Tree Digging System is and what it can do nearly as well as an in-person demonstration (and in some respects, perhaps, better), and it is possible to get a lot more people to watch the video than we can induce to come to the nursery for demonstrations.  That being the case, I really think the potential for your dramatically increase sales of our equipment is excellent. If the results are nearly as good as I think they could be, we will likely be back in touch with you in regard to additional video work.

Linda McInerney, Pocumtuck Valley Memorial Association

Tom, the dinner was a big hit. The films arrived, gorgeous, on-time et al. ...we offered copies to anyone who was interested. ...Grand success!!!  Thanks a zillion for putting up with our lunacy and bringing it all to fruition. It will be in good part due to your good will that this important donor tool will go out into the world. I know it will work for us.

Deirdre M. Moynihan Director of Development National MS Society, Central NE Chapter, Waltham, MA

Reelife Productions had done outstanding videos for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, Central New England Chapter. The work of Reelife Productions is creative, fresh and professional.

Mary Beth Forton, Publishing Branch, Northeast Foundation for Children, Greenfield, MA

A pleasure to work with...dependable, flexible, responsive, and attentive to all of those small but important details.

Lesley Woodward, Owner/Director, American English Programs of NE, Northampton, MA

What stood out most in my experience with Reelife, was Tom's willingness and ability to truly listen carefully to what I wanted and did not want in a video, and then to synthesize this information and broaden it with his own expertise and artistry. He was skillful in not making his camera work intrusive or intimidating while capturing the spirit of my school in a lighthearted way. The video presents a great deal of information which could have been somewhat dry and boring in less capable hands, and the taping experience itself was enjoyable rather than disruptive to the school's classes. I am so impressed with the professional quality of the promotional video that Tom created for my school...

Gordon Darling, IT Factory Vice President, Corporate Communications, IT FACTORY, Cambridge, MA.

Reelife was instrumental in defining, planning and executing the strategy that made the most sense for us. Reelife Productions responsiveness and turn-around time on our video production needs was very impressive. They needed no hand-holding. Their understanding of our business needs has been so good, they've completed every project with just a single round of edits from us. It's a real pleasure to work with a production company that works to understand our business as well as we do. Reelife Productions is more than just a video production house. Their creative input to the general direction and purpose of our video projects has been invaluable in boosting the overall effectiveness of our multimedia programs.

Beverly J. Schultz VP Engineering Mitsubishi Electric, Real Time Visualization Group, Cambridge, MA

We used Reelife Productions to capture the work of a critical design Engineer demonstrating device drivers. The knowledge that he was presenting to the group was critical for others to know over time. When the final videos came to us, they were extremely useful to other device driver designers and now, the videos are in our archives and are still referenced today.  I would highly recommend that whenever critical information is being presented, that it be captured for later reference. Reelife Productions did that well for us, and can count us among their satisfied customers.

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